Various Types of Collections...What's Yours?

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Hey guys-

I know this has been discussed in one form or another in previous threads. Nonetheless, I got to thinking about it, and was curious what you all do. How many collectors here focus thier collections on one film/series? So many seem to collect a wide variety, and I am curious what limits/guidelines you all set?

I for one, used to collect from the Aliens, Terminator, Predator, and Jurassic Park films series only. Then, I purged everything several years ago, and have started up again this year. I ditched all but Aliens and Predator stuff, then went to just Aliens quadrilogy stuff. Now, I have focused on only statues, busts,models, prop replicas, and the occasional screen-used piece from Alien and Aliens. The third and fourth films being mediocre by far, IMO, so I no longer felt the need to collect from them. No more toys or comics, etc...just higher end items. These are by far two of my favorite films. I dumped all but the pieces I really like, and have a small but nice collection which grows steadily. I continue to consider adding other films and limiting myself to only sci-fi I like, but the scope them gets to broad, and I opt to stick to these two films. You'd think I have enough on my hands with all the new Aliens items, but much of the newer items are crappy, IMO.

Anyhow, sorry for the rant, but is there anyone else who is as focused on their collection, and do you ever get tempted to expand your range of what you collect? If so, what keeps you focused. Guess I am looking for a reason/inspiration to stay focused...LOL. :D


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Roger Ramjet

Sr Member
I collect Star Trek TOS Props...I Bought my first one in 1972 and was hooked, I have been able to gather over 200+ pieces since.

I recently purchased a Coyle C&S Blaster, the first non-trek prop purchase for me in over 10 years....


Boba Frett

Sr Member
Star Wars
The Mummy

Used to do a lot of Alien's , and Predator , but I have to keep it down to just a few things, so I can concentrate on the other stuff :)


Sr Member
a little of everything, but i guess im starting to sell of most, and get settled into a few things,

ghostbusters, got full suit, proton pack 80% done, just a few real parts needed to be done :p which ill probably never find,

wes anderson movie items,

and the rest of my collecting is towards first edition/autographed/rare books, and art, just got a limited silkscreen from the original artist who did the art for the 1st edition of fear and loathing, autographed and numbered by the artist, just dropped it at my framer tonight in fact :p


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There are so many nice pieces of different genres to collect, one can easily find themselves stretches too thin. This is regardless of pocket book or square footage. Stick with ALIENS, bud. You can't go wrong with that choice. ;)

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New Member
Thanks for the opinions guys. Seems there might be more people than I thought who are pretty focused.

@ Tom- did I know YOU would suggest I just stick to Aliens...? ;) :D


franz bolo

Sr Member
I started with Star Wars, then Star Trek and RoboCop.

I like the guns and weapons most of all. I have to limit it because of the cost, so weapons are the main thing.

I made some Batarangs, and hope to make some Constantine Brass Knuckles.

I have a lot of SW stuff though. Sabers, figures (only the ones with helmets) a couple helmets, a blaster and a lot of books.

Right now, I'm pretty content with what I have. I think I'll start trading or selling stuff now to make room for new stuff.



Sr Member
the main focus of my collection is GHOSTBUSTERS, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, and tim burton's BATMAN. i'm not really picky when it comes to what i buy. concept art, storyboards, draft scripts, props, etc. if i like it, and i THINK i'll display it, i try to pick it up. :)


Sr Member
My collection is predominately Star Wars (probably 90% or better), and predominately toys. Simply put, the toys are relatively inexpensive and readily available. I started collecting as a "broke college student", so the cost and ease of acquisition was a major factor. Model kits took build time that I simply didn't have with work and classes. Once I graduated and started working full time I could afford some of the more expensive toys like the transforming Macross Valkyries from the Japanese company Yamato.

I have built models my whole life (with the noted hyatus for college) and once I graduated I stated up again. I have a couple of Macross Valkyries and a hand full of Gundams. I have to admit... most are in still in the boxes after all these years, but I am working on them as time permits. Some friends got me into table top war gaming, so a lot of model time is spent painting little metal soldiers.

I just started branching into props at the end of last year. In the last two months I have acquired two MR FX lightsabers, a rotocast sidearm from the new Battlestar Galactica Series, and an APH-6B flight helmet which I plan on converting into an X-Wing helmet. I've signed up to purchase two M81 flash suppressors from PropRunner for a DL-44 ANH build up, and I'm eagerly awaiting the next run of Cylon Raiders from Howling Wolf Productions. I don't think it's a bad start at all. The X-Wing helmet has been life long dream (well, since I was 4) and I've already snagged it (even though I have a lot of work to do before it is actually an X-Wing helmet).

I don't really plan on branching out much. There are soooo many Star Wars items that I want and only so much time, money, and shelf space. I'm sure you can all relate. I would like to get an M41A Pulse Rifle from Aliens and have started to work towards that. I intend to build a compass to Ile De Morte from Pirates of the Caribbean. The map from Time Bandits would be cool.

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Sr Member
i'm 99% star wars, with a small bit of firefly thrown in the mix (just 2 items, one of which isn't even here yet.)

i was mostly on toys at first, but as i got more props / costumes, the toys diminshed to the things i really love.

this reminds me, i really need to take pics of my stuff.


Well-Known Member
My focus is random movie props from movies I like. High end halloween masks including rare friday the 13th props, and 80s monster toys.

Other than that I guess whatever i'm feeling at the time


Well-Known Member
Star Trek, Power Rangers/Sentai, Batman, Firefly, and now moving into Jurassic Park, also a couple other fandoms like Fifth Element, Farscape, etc...



Well-Known Member
Science Fiction Weapons
Screen Used & Replica
Star Wars

Other screen weapons

Mostly LOTR
All Factory X
Star Wars lightsabers
All MR hilts
Extensive Film & EU EL, Luxeon, LED, other
Star Wars Helmets & Costumes
Other Science fiction helmets & costumes

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New Member
Good stuff everyone. Keep 'em coming...I think we may all find it interesting to see the diversity on this board. :)

Anyone else who just collects from one or two movies, like me?


Darth Detroit

Sr Member
Mainly Vader. But I'm pretty picky as to what I REALLY want. I do have other things such as a flanged mace, a nice Jurassic Park raptor claw. But I donthave a lot of stuff either. I'm pretty conservative.


Sr Member
I collect anything that may interest me, something cool or neat, something that would POP out to me. My wife on the other hand just collects Predator stuff, Ill guarantee she has one of the biggest prop/toy/comic book collection of predator material around anywhere.. A LOOOT of stuff....


Master Member

Just recently I got back into collecting vintage SW toys. But over the years I have "amassed" too much stuff from various lines.

Prop and costume wise I am mainly interested in SW, but again, I can´t keep focused on one topic...


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