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Hi everyone, I'm a long time star wars fan and I've finally decided to bite the bullet.
I'd like a Vader costume and would welcome any pointers and tips on acquiring and building sources.

I'm just over 6'6" and weigh a strong built 19 stone so though hopefully I'll pull off the look I worry getting things that size could be tricky. Thanks


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First, bite me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :confused: "I'm 6'6' and well built." Well good for you, says the 5'10" slightly chubby guy.:love::D:confused:

What's your budget? I actually love the Rubies with a better helmet on it. Modifiable and cheap.

You can drop 3k easy on top of the line from numerus makers.

For top of the line helmets and armor from all three OT films these are the guys:

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Cheap. this helmet would look awesome with a larger dome:

Looks terrible on the Hasbro site but better in the last 6 or 7 pages of the discussion thread below.\\As you can see here:

Post 496:

For ANH Vader more expensive but not as much as Quasimodo you can not go wrong with EFX PCR Vader helmet, however they are up a bit so may as well go with Quasi.

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