Man of Steel / BvS Superman costume help?


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Never been a Superman fan really, more of a Batman guy. Batfleck especially. Now that that is off my chest, I'm looking for some challenge in my next build after doing Indy and Jon Snow (and being a huge SW fan, I do want to do a 501st costume at some point but my Kryptonite is choosing the character). Now I'm leaning towards Superman since the Gunn movie is in the works. Loved Cavill in the role as many did.
MoS / BvS for better or worse gave interesting costumes and I really dig the lore behind Superman's costume design in the SnyderVerse erm DCEU I mean. Cavill brought much needed humanity to the role.

Now I've googled and searched, even went on instagram about the details of the costume. From what I gather the basis is a muscle suit, build with spandex that has foam muscles glued on top. The muscles are painted chromium colored. On top of that is the textured outer suit, not unlike our previously mentioned Batfleck there.
Now the muscle suit I believe I can handle. The biggest problem I see is getting the right fabric (and not screwing up the sewing part). And getting the boots as they seem to have the same chainmail pattern as the fabric. Emblem makers shouldn't be too hard to find.

Now between MoS and BvS I actually prefer the latter version but neither would be an amazing achievement and a dream come true. For my wife I was thinking of building a Wonder Woman costume, that I would be making myself and I have it planned. The Superman is the tricky part.

So are there any builders here who've made their own costume? Any help will be very much appreciated!

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