Totally scratch-built model miniature sets

Brevin Din-Shay

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Hi all,

This is a new area to me, but very fascinating nonetheless.

I would like to propose we do a "contest" of sorts, possibly weekly (?) pertaining to a set (movie or otherwise) that is completely made from crap. That, of course, means scraps around the house or shop or local ditch.

Is anyone up to this, or interested? Count me in.


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This sound like fun. We would have to set the rules. And I think more like a per month would be better as some people have a different life at least 5 days a week. Not I currently but just to be somewhat fair.

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I'd like to get involved but weekly is just too fast for my schedule.

To be honest, I'm so slow at getting things done, annual would be more achievable for me!! LOL :lol

But seriously: Monthly sounds ok.

Brevin Din-Shay

Sr Member
I would love to revive the subject for those interested. I agree, weekly is too fast. A month sounds far better.

Now, again, for those interested - please, chime in some more! :) This is designed to be FUN and press the limits of your imagination.
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