TOS Trek Communicators - All 10 versions

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About a year ago I started collecting TOS comm parts with the ultimate goal of collecting/building all 10 communicators built by Wah Chang. Parts came from a variety of sources. The first three comms (Alpha, Beta and Gamma) I purchased fully built by another member here. The remaining 7 I built with the exception of the lid soldering/assembly. I can't solder so I had to purchase finished lids. I did try and find lids that would essentially match the comm version I was building. For example, Delta has grooves on the wheel. Epsilon has a steel wire frame. Again purchased from a talented member here.

The goal was to capture the overall look of each comm. This included moire discs, jewel color, control plate size, knob placement and a few other custom touches.

Alpha (not the best pic) -


Gamma (TMOST)

Delta (my personal favorite)







All 10 Communicators

Big thanks to Herocomm. They were an amazing resource I referenced for each and every build.
THE collection of Comms.

I know where to go if I am stuck in NOVA and my Comm goes on the fritz!
Holy carp, I had no idea there were so many versions! Are there screencaps of these somewhere?
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