Torso version 1.33

Really nice torso Corey,how much are you asking for one raw and painted?

PM sent

Very very nice work. Have you ever used Skin-Flex? I've been experimenting with it. It is very stretchy and tough. When I finish the gauntlet project I'm planning on doing the legs with it. We will see. Again, very nice work.

Do you mean slilicone? or what is it made from? Thanks for your comments!
Great Job Corey!! Very inspiring to see something this great out here!! I'm for one a very big newbie at this, and hope to be able to make something 1% as good looking as yours!! What's the name of the type of latex you used to make the skin? I would like to see if I can get a hold of 1L (1 pint) of it to see how it all works and feels! I've gone through so many of the forums now, spent at least 30 hours this week reading over all the pages!! Now I hope to start making my own, but might need a few pointers!

Cheers, and awesome job on all of your hard work! It really shows!!
Do you use Rd-407 for the mask also, or do you recomendo a dif kind of latex?

Thanks for the quick reply!! I'll be a bit slow due to it being my first try at it, and budget.. but I'll take pics as I go and eventually start a thread for everyone to see and comment!! (once I have a few steps done.. lol)

Thanks again Corey!!

Not sure if you seen the intro for noobs but I kinda introduced myself there!

Cheers to all,

A little more progress. I was thinking of posting updates as the sculpt progresses, so once im done the thread can be paged through and you can see how it all took shape. So i will be posting updates periodicaly, unless anyone thinks thats a bad idea. Im still just mainly sticking clay on the bust, trying to get rough shapes of where things are gonna be. Opintions are always welcome, just keep in mind that its still very rough. Daman, thats a good idea with the crock pot, my only problem is i run on solar power, and i do most of my sculpting at night so power to run a crock pot is scarce. Keep my stored battery power to run the lights i need to see lol. Its an interesting ride learning to sail with the sun.

geez nice room. i see you mcfarlane reference fig nice costume
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