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Well, i have been waiting to do a torso sculpture for a little wile now, working and planning. I finaly had a nice day where i could have a few friends come over and help me to do a life cast of myself. We did it using plaster bandages to create the negative, separated it into two pieces, and painted polyester resin into it to create the positive. ( sorry no one had free hands to take any pictures during the process) Once i had my fiberglass positive i grabbed my 50lbs of chavant clay and started slamming it on there. Now its still very rough at this point, im realy just trying to get the clay onto the lifecast. But i will keep posting up pictures of the progress as i get them. This sculpture be done the same way they did in the origional movie, all armor sclupted in, exept the gauntlet tops and the back computer. I like this method because it saves you from having to struggle with the armor pieces and keep them in place, and keep them from spinning and stabbing you in the arm. I am not sculpting this with selling them in mind, mainly because they will be talor made to fit me. The measurements of the life cast are about 44 inches around the chest, and about 36 inches around the waist. Again i am about 6'2" 215 lbs so its gonna be made for a person of that size. That being said enjoy the picture show! thanks for looking!


And this is the torso with a litte clay on it, after this much my fingers where BURNING! lol more soon...
a tip to both of you. use a crock pot. then you can just spoon it on. it stays really soft for quite awhile.
i have yet to have my hands hurt from sculpting.

mice work Corey! looking forward to the build on this.
A little more progress. I was thinking of posting updates as the sculpt progresses, so once im done the thread can be paged through and you can see how it all took shape. So i will be posting updates periodicaly, unless anyone thinks thats a bad idea. Im still just mainly sticking clay on the bust, trying to get rough shapes of where things are gonna be. Opintions are always welcome, just keep in mind that its still very rough. Daman, thats a good idea with the crock pot, my only problem is i run on solar power, and i do most of my sculpting at night so power to run a crock pot is scarce. Keep my stored battery power to run the lights i need to see lol. Its an interesting ride learning to sail with the sun.
WOW! ..that is really coming along nicely ...just enough human ..and just enough "more-then human" musculature ... I always like it when sculptors add subtleties to their sculpt ( for example, Mander adds a second belly button) cant wait to see the detailing on this. Ass for the crock pot ..just grab yourself a gas or propane operated burner ...they are easier to regulate temperature anyways

keep up the good work
Your sculpt looks great. VERY SMART way to make a lifecast of your body.

Wicked cool that your home runs on solar! Very interesting.
Thank you for your comments! If anyone wanted to try this method of lifecasting, i wanted to add a few things that might help. We added the plaster bandages and then smeared them side to side to smoothe the plaster the increase the strenth of them. Once my friends and i created the back side, we covered the seam line with vasaline and applyed the front layer to overlap the seam. The arms will need to be braced with little slats of wood or whatever to keep them from bending, basicaly a piece of wood from the gut to the wrist and then plaster bandaged inplace. Once the moulds where opened and i was born unto this world, covered in vasaline and a few chest hairs shorter, we had to apply a mould release so the fiberglass wouldent soak into the bandages and be imposible to remove. For this i made my own mould release from some wax and bestine, but automotive turtle wax works great as well. Hope that helped somone out there... lol
yeah baby, more sculpting

always great to see, and awesome work to boot :)

Also impressed by the lifecast, i wish mine was as smooth hehe.

looking forward to seeing this progress
All this clay slinging is awesome...out of all the years I have been apart of the lair I have never seen so much sculpting going on at one time...KILLER ****
Corey, def post all the pics you can. pretty much everyone in here lives for pics. especially WIP pics.
loving the anatomy you have going on there!
for it still being in the blocking phase the detail is already coming through fantastically.
Update time! Sorry it took a wile to get an update, the holiday festivities have had me visiting alot of family and friends. Happy holidays to everyone by the way! :rolleyes: Well, onto the sculpture, i made a frighteing realization yesterday- that 40lbs of clay might not be enough to finish the sculpture, so i had to cut open some thick areas and add some filler into the clay to save on clay consumption. I ordered another 2 blocks of clay offline so im hopeing all will be well. I have basicaly just been throwing more clay up on the lifecast so i can see exactly how much clay i have. I have roughed out most everything on the torso area, just moving down the arms now. Again, this is just a progress sculpt so its very rough still, just a little further down the road. Thank you for looking, and thanks to all who comment!




Corey! that's coming along quite nicely dude. really like the anatomy you have goin on there.

quite the Innie he has. i don't think he would be such of a badass if he had a giant outtie. :rolleyes: Merry Christmas!
Corey! that's coming along quite nicely dude. really like the anatomy you have goin on there.

quite the Innie he has. i don't think he would be such of a badass if he had a giant outtie. :rolleyes: Merry Christmas!

Lol, would a predator even have a belly button? Being a reptilian you would think he came from an egg? lol i dunno...
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