Predator "big Game" Version 2.0 Post #28

Thanks again! Yes the kit is available is anyone is interested pm me about it. I haven't weighed it, but I would guess around 5-7 pounds maybe more.

ZombiXenoHunter.......yes I did use an armature. I used monster clay which is pretty soft so it won't stand on it's own. I just built the armature so that it came apart at the joints I wanted it to. For the monster rex I made an armature out of wed clay that I let dry out all the way so it was rock hard. Sculpting is an art form, so do what works best for yourself.
I made some revisions to the Predator's legs because he looked a little short. I also changed the base out for something a little more simple. That way the focus was more on the Predator. It also makes the kit much cheaper to produce. Here are a bunch of pics. Send me a pm if you are interested in the 2.0 version.

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