Top Gun: Maverick


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I’m proud to have worked on the F/A-18E/F program for over 20 years! Seeing them perform as they did on the big screen gave me chills, even though I saw them fly every day.

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My brother and I took Dad to see Maverick for fathers day. Dad loved it and this was my second viewing. It was even better than the first time. The theater was packed and everyone clapped and cheered at the end. One of the best theater experiences of my life. Top 5 for sure.


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As of this past weekend, TG: M has grossed just over $1B worldwide (without China). This thing is a runaway monster! I’m betting it catches up to Spiderman: No Way Home before it’s done ($1.9B worldwide).
EDIT— I knew it. Had to be. Paramount just announced that 16% of viewers have seen the film twice in theaters, 4% four times or more.

When you see legs like this on a movie, you know they’re getting repeat business. I’ve seen it twice with my wife.


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Best movie theater experience of my life.

I wasn't prepared for how much it would impact me to realize that I am much closer in age as, and so more closely identify with, the older characters (Maverick, Penny, Iceman, etc.)–reaching a stage of life where you're not exactly "old," but old enough to have experienced disappointment, loss, failure, unexpected illness. Old enought to look at 20-30-somethings like they're just kids.

The action sequences were as exciting as I've ever seen, largely influenced I'm sure by the extent to which practical effects were used instead of CGI.

For any that have sworn off going to a theater to see a new movie anymore, I would reconsider for this one.

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