TMNT foot clan arm guards (done finally)


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started on this halloween and for replica purposes...been sculpted outta clay and have been using images from this thread. I have to fix a couple of the spikes since they are really crooked, obviously from the pics in the thread they dont look perfect any way

didn't wanna post the pictures in here since they aren't mine, but I think this is a pretty good start



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Re: TMNT foot clan arm guards

Excited to see progress... Would be awesome if you woul make a complete foot soldiert suit possible...
Re: TMNT foot clan arm guards

oh I am....have fabric and everything lined up, just waiting for the dye to come in. Wish I had a screen cap program or something so I could snag up close pictures of their suits so I could make it more accurate.
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so I restarted I made the actual arm guards a bit thicker, it was thin before. And I was able to get screen caps of a couple of the arm guards before they were 20+ years old. So i've made the spikes more pointed and then they will be sharpened even more. The next part will be doing the little circles......which i'm so not looking forward to lol but hopefully it'll come out looking good
Re: TMNT foot clan arm guards

was able to get measurements off a screen used guard and I was only off by a 1/4 of an inch in most places so Im adding clay to the respective areas. And im trying to figure out how to make the single spikes better....I might have to make them out of a harder material just so they dont loose their shape when I try to put them on to the clay.

Any suggestions?
Re: TMNT foot clan arm guards(help needed)

along with the spikes there are circles on it, and i've been looking for metal spikes that are shaped the same way but im not having any luck finding anything thats is close, they have those square ones for clothes but they are just a little bit too short
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Re: TMNT foot clan arm guards any opinions?

So after the break from the holidays this finally got finished. The little circles were a pain in the butt too make by hand but I think they came out pretty good, and I know I need to smooth out the one side, but does any one else have any other suggestions before I mold this? If not enjoy the pictures!!





Re: TMNT foot clan arm guards(help needed)

Are the spikes in on the original piece all uniform? if they are, why not sculpt one or two, make a tiny mold, cast perfect copies and then place those on your clay base?
Re: TMNT foot clan arm guards(help needed)

The circlesdoesn't look straight, that would bother me a little bit on the guards, but I have no idea how the original pieces look like... Maybe you can post a oic of the scrennused stuff?!?
Re: TMNT foot clan arm guards(help needed)


these are the originals, there is one good shot in the first movie that I can pause it on to see if they were all perfect at one point in time but even looking at the wear and tear on these they dont look to be, although the circles don't seem to be uniform as some of them are wonky but it could be from 20 years of sitting around and use in the movie
Re: TMNT foot clan arm guards(help needed)

I think you need to curve the sculpt before molding it, if you look at the screen used one you can see it forms more with the shape of the forearm like how a footballers shin pads are

other than that I'd say once you've cast them up they will look ok as the screen one doesn't apprear to be very uniform and perfect so I dont think theirs much more you need to do unless you wanted to make them look better the the screen used one

you casting these in resin ?

keep up the work mate :) looking good
Re: TMNT foot clan arm guards(help needed)

I want them to look slighty used like they've been through some battle but still nice enough to be a good replica so I might try a different method on the circles. I've had suggestions of using a couple of washers stacked, or finding some small pvc pipe and cutting them very thin

@ suckface- the plan is to cast them in resin, so As the resin is curing I can pull it while the resin is soft and bend them, or I was gonna make a platform that slightly curved the mold. And the pictures of the two different sets of guards I have the spikes are very worn. And that one shot in the movie I speak of that I can freeze frame they all still dont look to be perfect, but i'll double check.
Re: TMNT foot clan arm guards(help needed)

ok so some one pointed out that the circles arent actually perfect circles....they are sort of notched I made a stamp of out and external splined washer and a couple of fender washers and was able to get 5 perfect ones. So instead of making 77 perfect ones I molded the 5 in a gang mold and I will be able to make them rather quickly, and get this back on track
Re: TMNT foot clan arm guards(help needed)

ok mold came out good so i'll start pouring these little guys tonight and hopefully will have something to show later
Re: TMNT foot clan arm guards(help needed)

ok so I made better circles

and as you can see in the screen grab below I think I got it pretty close


so this weekend I will clean them up and place them all and I should have a nice looking arm guard some time next week! Any one else with suggestions please voice them I appreciate the help :)
Re: TMNT foot clan arm guards(help needed)




finally got enough cast, and then I placed them, and I think they look to close together but the screen cap I have some are very close to each other but some are spaced better. So i'm not sure...opinions anybody?
Re: TMNT foot clan arm guards (new pics)

ok well i've been looking at the screen caps and the measurememts I have off the screen used one. I didn't take it to account that the screen used one is curved when I started to sculpt it flat. So I will be making it wider tonight to give the inner circles more spacing like they are supposed to have. My circles are way to close together and as you can see in the screen used one there is plenty of space between each of the circles and the circles and the side spikes. So ill be pulling them off and adding extra clay to the side tonight so hopefully I'll have something to show later.
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