TMNT weapons (Not screen accurate...yet)


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Something I had wanted for many years, was all the turtles weapons as a wall display.
So for Halloween this year, I entered a Trunk or treat and made it TMNT themed.
I made up a quick stand to go on top my car, and decided to figure out the weapons.

I thought they were good enough, that I would make them into a wall decoration, they just needed a little more work.
So the nun-chucks are just rubber training ones I bought a few years ago for a video I made.
The sais I found off Amazon on sale for $21. They are actually not bad looking and real metal. They could be dulled down with leather wrapped around them to make them more screen accurate...some day.
The Bo staff is just a broom handle I bought and painted, with white duct tape. Which is more like the 2003 version.
Swords are yard sticks cut up, glued together and all painted. That silvery chrome paint is such a pain to work with.

So for now, heres what I have. Someday, when I have better funds, I do plan to have them all more screen accurate to the 1990 film.


I've always been bigger one collecting models and things like that. This is one of the first major props I've actually attempted.
I also made the canister, which was also quick tricky to make.
Another thing I would like to upgrade someday, but for now, it goes nicely on this totally over packed shelf.
Very cool! I've been planning on making/acquiring a set of "realistic" TMNT cartoon weapons. Realistic metal, wood, leather pieces, but loosely in the style of the 87 cartoon. Nunchucks and Bo staff are easy enough to make and Sai's are pretty easy to get, but finding metal swords that have the stright blade, angled tip and square tsuba is trciky.
I am absolutely stealing your display idea though - I love how you have the weapons arrayed on the wall there. Maybe add the four coloured bandanna's/eye masks.
Love the display on the car roof as welL!

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