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A friend of mine got me a 3D printed pilot helmet for Christmas and I wanted to dress it up a little. Here are some pics of it so far:


I'm currently kit-bashing it with various knick-knacks and planning on a paint job, but I'm having trouble finding a visor. Ski goggles are too small, and the acrylic I got at Home Depot nearly sliced my hand open when I tried to work with it (its also cloudy for some reason). Another friend who is big into prop building suggested acrylic, plexiglass, or a bike visor but he couldn't give me any suggestions outside of "Just look it up on amazon."

Any ideas?


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Eatncerealprops probably means PETG, which is a clear thermoplastic that can be formed with heat. It's not bad, you just want to make sure you can get thin enough sheets to really shape properly.

I usually use acylic from my local hobby store, which comes in sheets of varying thicknesses; I would assume the Home Depot stuff would be way too thick to work with reasonably. Something like 2mm sheets would probably be ideal for what you're doing. Grab a heat gun, form it to a slightly tighter curve than what the inside of the helmet follows so you can get the piece in there, then flex it out and glue or screw it into place.
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Alright, I'll look in to it. My other option is laminade or plastic from a 1 liter coke bottle
I have used this method before and it works pretty well fir what it is. You can always tint it with tail light tint for an easy dark visor.

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I think the Hex pattern is the one I'd want.They look kinda flimsy though, I thought they were stickers or decals.
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I made a hex pattern on my master chief using a removable vinyl decal and satin spray paint, just a thought. Great looking helmet!


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Having a hard time getting a visor to fit. I'm using laminate as my trial runs before buying anything and am looking for suggestions. Here is the interior:


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Sere Kit:
Data Knife: Used an old computer joystick and a $9 rubber bayonet that I picked up from Evike
Smart Pistol: Base gun is a USP airsoft pistol and added the muzzle of an FN 57 to the front. The railsystem belonged to another airsoft gun that fit over the top of the USP. I used medical tape because I wanted to make it look that it had been used excessively in the field to the point that it has started for fall apart.