1. itsgreg

    Apex Legends Wraith Kunai Knife

    The heirloom knife from Apex Legends. Since I made the dataknife from Titanfall 2 I thought I'd have to make this one since it's from the same universe! Cold cast aluminium with Liberal amounts of rub'n'buff & airbrushing. Made this a while ago but as usual forgot to post it here..
  2. diogorsergio

    Apex Legends - Wingman (The Death Ray)

    Apex Legends came out and I was looking for a new gun to make, something more achievable that my Quake3 - Machine Gun project. Looking around I found this skin of the popular Wingman pistol which is quite cool and ray-gun looking. Really like the way it looks. Still modeling the pistol but its...
  3. A

    Can't find a prop pilot headset

    I need a pilot headset for for my Titanfall 2 pulse blade helmet. However, I can't find anything on the internet that's under a few hundred pounds. Does anyone know where I can find some or, if not, do you have advice on how to create my own?
  4. B

    Titanfall 2 Grapple Cosplay

    Hey guys! I'm making a Titanfall 2 Grapple Cosplay. I'm stuck for finding templates could you give me any help?
  5. T

    Halo or Titanfall Costume Plan

    Hello! Sorry I am new to RPF, but I was curious if anyone had any guilds or tips into starting cosplaying. I have been searching and have found files and plan on buying all the material, however I do not know how to start. I am planning on trying to get it done by Halloween but no promises. I...
  6. P

    TITANFALL IMC Rifleman Pilot | In-Game Battle Damaged Helmet Replica

    [All images are attached] I am a huge fan of the TITANFALL theme! A year ago I was working on the master piece to mold and cast. I have made tons of casts and have finished multiple other versions (I hope to show you some of the previous ones!) This version, however, I set out to make it the...
  7. F

    Rough Pepakura Request - titanfall helmet

    Alright, I am in need of some help. I am looking to make a helmet from the game Titanfall 2, specifically Kane's helmet. I've considered working off other helmet files to get the general shape but it's just not working. I'm really not looking for a complex model just the general shape. All the...
  8. A

    Titanfall Helmet

    A friend of mine got me a 3D printed pilot helmet for Christmas and I wanted to dress it up a little. Here are some pics of it so far: I'm currently kit-bashing it with various knick-knacks and planning on a paint job, but I'm having trouble finding a visor. Ski goggles are too small, and...
  9. O

    Titanfall cosplay help?

    I was thinking of making a titanfall(1 and 2) cosplay, and I haven't made a cosplay on this scale before. Could anyone provide insight into how I can do this? Thanks!
  10. C4suaL

    Titanfall - I.M.C Titan pilot (Assault) build

    Hello there guys! I finally decided to start a thread here on the RPF after almost half a year of lurking. xD Straight to the point as the title says I am working on a Titan pilot armour (I.M.C. - Assault version) from Titanfall. To be completely honest I have been working on this for two years...
  11. J

    Titanfall Data Knife Project

    This is my first replica project, and honestly I dont know where to begin. I want to make a replica of the Data Knife from the video game Titanfall. Any help with identifying parts, or suggestions for making knife replicas would be appreciated. I have attached pictures of the knife. Again, any...
  12. Sykes

    Building an Ogre Titan? (Titanfall Cosplay)

    Alright so, I just got done attending Otakon 2014 as Spider-Man, and my friends and I decided on a group cosplay next year. Its main aspect is kind of a secret so I won't reveal too much just yet. But we wanted one of us to possibly be on stilts and be in an Ogre-Class Titan suit. What are my...
  13. D

    Titanfall IMC pilot set

    So I'm starting with the helm first, using JFcustoms' file, deciding whether to use foam or card stock and coat with resin. Could I get away with 3mm foam or should I use 6mm minimum. I was considering the thinner foam to start and then adding Worbla or some other hardening material.
  14. L

    3D Printed Titanfall Atlas Titan

    Going on from my original thread (http://www.therpf.com/f11/titanfall-atlas-3d-model-211879/index2.html?highlight=titanfall). Some guy has beaten me to printing my own model. Carnt wait to start printing mine out. Here the link to the model if anyone is interested -...
  15. K

    Titanfall Militia Pilot full costume

    Hey guys, This is my first post of all time so please correct any mistakes I make. I have been all over this forum for a while and I've finally decided to post!! What I want to create is a full militia pilot costume from Titanfall. However the helmet is the IMC one as seen in the trailer. (This...
  16. A

    Atlas Titan Titanfall Cosplay

    Okay guys, first RPF post ever, so bear with me. So this thread is going to showcase the progress and completion of the Atlas Titan my dad and I are working on. We've had experience with two other costumes, a Halo 3 Spartan and the 'Gemini' suit from Iron Man 3 (I haven't made threads for these...
  17. TangoSkye

    Titanfall Patches

    In an effort to make my costume more recognizable I requested a quote for Militia patches. Turns out OMLpatches.com liked the idea so much they now make 4 different Titanfall patches. -Militia -IMC x2 -Hammond Enjoy!
  18. TangoSkye

    Titanfall - Sarah

    Let me first start by saying I need to drop a few lbs before I feel I can truly call this one a success, but so far so good. You can see the collection process on my cosplay.com site but the real challenge is going to be the damn belt. Any tips on costume belt construction would be greatly...
  19. L

    Titanfall Atlas 3D Model

    Hi guys, Im new to the site and just finished modeling the atlas titan at a 1:1 in Solidworks. My thing to do is to scale it to 18" tall and 3D print it as a kit and assemble it. Ive uploaded the files to Titanfall Atlas Mech by lilykill - Thingiverse &...
  20. gmstrowabarton

    Titanfall IMC Pilot Build

    I decided to make a IMC pilot from Titanfall and will trying to keep this up to date trying for it to be ready for Dragon-Con in September but we shall see. I have started on the helmet and going for as much detail as I can as I will be molding it once it is done. Armor will come once I get a...
  21. narutoishere

    Titanfall Cosplay Smart Pistol MK5 Costume Prop

    This is the first prop that I have made from a massively popular and addictive video game, Titanfall. I have made this 1:1 scaled Smart Pistol from combining two plastic toy guns that I have bought at a local dollar shop. It costs $1.50 each. I added the laser pointer and a blue led flashlight...
  22. B

    My ten foot tall Titan from Titanfall

    Hay RPF, I have not posted a build in a while, but I cannot resist this. I am in the planning stages of making a Titian. Probably the Atlas, I have made many other big builds, but a Titan offers it's own challenges. I am hopping to keep the weight down to 55 pounds or less. Going with a...
  23. mattrendar

    Completed TitianFall militia pilot cosplay ! Pics

    i want to make a titan pilot uniform and gear . games looking good , and i love the designs of the pilots / troopers . well here i go . i'll post progress as i go . im going to start with the helmet . any one else taking this journey ? well ill post as soon as i have some progress ...