Interest Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland Shield


Sr Member
Hey guys, I built this shield last year (link to the build thread below) ... I still have the mold and wonder if anyone would be interested in a cast. I made my shield by slush casting black resin, then backing it up with Freeform Air (to save weight). I also cast threaded sockets for leather handles to attach.

I would suspect cost would be $400-600 (excluding shipping)

Let me know if you'd be interested. If enough people are I would consider a run.

IMG_3888.jpeg IMG_3889.jpeg IMG_3890.jpeg IMG_3891.jpeg IMG_3892.jpeg IMG_3893.jpeg IMG_3894.jpeg open-uri20150608-27674-12vudau_579a1e85-1.jpeg ed839cfb49fb532d23ca647d7d09fc24.jpg
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