alice in wonderland

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  1. LokiFenris

    Cheshire Cat Inspired Costume

    So this year I have a list of projects to complete, personal and client based. The last post was on my own interpretation and upgrading of the Green Goblin. This post is about a costume I created for a client. A take on the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. I had free reign over the...
  2. SKS Props

    Wasteland Alice in Wonderland Cosplay Concept SKS PRops - Updated 7/26/2018

    Ok, so you guys know that I was little burnt out and wanted to start working on my own creations. Instead of just sculpting something up and going here is a new mask I really wanted to flush out a character. So after being inspired by a friend to try some concept art again...
  3. D

    Mad Hatter Costume for Halloween 2015

    Thought I would share some pics of the Mad Hatter costume I put together for Halloween this year. Lots of thrift store shopping and the hat was made out of poster board and foam board wrapped in material. I did change the scarf as you can see. Enjoy!!
  4. a438980

    Show off your animated series/movies props! (Disney/Anime/Looney Toons/etc)

    I've seen many amazing props on this forum based on various movies, TV shows, and video game series, but not as much based on animated or cartoon movies or shows as I expected. There's been some great props recently pop-up like Marvin the Martian's gun & the hand-held game from FLCL, but these...
  5. Saer

    Saer's 2014 Halloween Costume Contest Entry: The White Rabbit

    Hello everyone! This is my first thread here (but not my first costume). I'm currently working on a costume of the White Rabbit from the game Alice: Madness Returns. I've seen quite a lot of Alice cosplays on this year's cons, but not really any of the side characters. Plus we had a rabbit mask...
  6. Simon Bowers

    Sculpture Advice Please

    Hey Guys, I'm after some advice please. I've bought my Sister-In-Law an Antique 'Alice in Wonderland' book for christmas, and wanted to make a presentation stand for the book to rest upon. My ideas is to have characters or scenes form Alice in wonderland debosed into the base of the stand with...
  7. D

    Evil Mad Hatter

    Hey Troops. This will be my first attempt at anything so starting small! I'm aiming to put together a mad hatter costume using some styles and imagery from the recent film but giving it a more sinister tone by changing the face paint to a two face kind of deal. I'm thinking half the face...
  8. Eveningarwen

    Blue Alice in Wonderland coat-Finsihed with pics!!!

    ***********Here's my finished pics! I may add some more later but I'm kind in a rush at the moment. :D *********************** So when I saw Alice in wonderland (the Tim Burton version) I fell in love with so many of the costumes. I've already made the Hatter and Um from...
  9. P

    Alice Madness Returns-Royal Dress WIP

    Benn along time since I have been on the RPF. I am currently working on several big costumes and projects for Dragoncon. My most labor intensive is the Royal Dress from the Video Game Alice Madness Returns. There are many dresses in the game, including 5 in just the DLC alone. this one was my...
  10. trebory6

    Alice Madness Returns Mad Hatter Hat

    So this is the Mad Hatter's Hat from American McGee's Alice and Alice: Madness Returns. I made this because I REALLY wanted to bring something to life from the game, but as I'm not a girl, and I don't have any access to an etching Machine to be able to make the Vorpal Blade's designs, I...
  11. sesl

    American Mcgee's Mad Hatter

    So I recently started putting together a Mad Hatter costume pretty much identical to the one from American Mcgee's Alice game. I was originally going to do the 50s Disney version but my girlfriend has the original Alice game for PC and immediately fell in love with their version of the Mad...
  12. Capn_Jack_Savvy

    Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland Costumes

    So anyone going to attempt any of these costumes?:lol

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