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Hi everyone :D

Here is the interest thread for my Wonder Woman tiara in brass (based on the 2017 movie).

Like all the props that I make, the tiara is handcrafted by me. For a hyper realistic effect, I worked with jewelry brass and the soldering is made with silver. I pay attention to the metals I use so that they are compatible with skin contact. I really tried to reproduce as well as possible all the layers that make up the object as well as the crossing between the different strips.

You can find the detailed build in this thread: Wonder Woman Brass Tiara

And some pictures here ;)


First I would like to say this is NOT a list of reservation.

This thread will help having a better idea of how many people are interested and adjust the size of my run accordingly (and how much material I need to buy).

So please let me know if you are seriously interested by the tiara, ok with the price and serious about buying it when it’s released on my website. I’ll let the registered people know a bit early when the sale is going to take place on my website.

The interest thread will be opened until the 31th of October, then I’ll order the materials.

How much will the tiara cost:

The tiara will be available between 400€ /450€ depending on the success of the interest thread. Shipping costs will be additional.

When will the production start:
Production will start in mid November and should be finish for Christmas.

Where to buy the tiara:

You will only be able to buy the tiara on my website (I am obligated by the law to edit an invoice with all my sales, this goes exclusively through my website).

It is easy, you just need to register, enter your shipping address, it will calculate shipping automatically and you can pay with paypal. The website is perfectly secured and the payments completely handled by Paypal. You’ll then receive confirmations by mail for every step of the order and an invoice.

If you have any question I will be happy to answer and I hope you will enjoy my work ;)

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