tim burton

  1. Harryfrei4443

    Need tips for mounting Batman Returns armor

    Hey everyone, New to the RPF so apologies if someone points out that this has been answered somewhere else. I have a full set of Batman Returns armor coming in sometime within the next couple of weeks and I can use a little help mounting it to an undersuit. I'm pretty handy when it comes to...
  2. Valor

    Interest Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland Shield

    Hey guys, I built this shield last year (link to the build thread below) ... I still have the mold and wonder if anyone would be interested in a cast. I made my shield by slush casting black resin, then backing it up with Freeform Air (to save weight). I also cast threaded sockets for leather...
  3. ageowns

    Joker's funny money from the parade in 1989 Batman

    I can't find any reference of the counterfeit money that Joker (Jack Nicholson) was passing out at the Centennial parade right before he released the Smilex. I can't find anything on eBay or Etsy either. Am I hunting for the wrong thing? Any search for "Joker + Money" only results in burnt money...
  4. Giometric

    2005 Johnny Depp/ Tim Burton Wonka Bar

    I am building a replica prop of the Wonka Bar, I have everything I need but 1 little thing, the golden ticket embossed factory seal. Does anyone have the file for this seal? Would be greatly appreciated!
  5. rubinekso

    Want to Buy 89 Keaton Batman Costume

    Hey gang.... Is there any one here with the sources, or know of anyone to commission, or sell a replica 89 Keaton batman suit (Must be 89, not 92). Thank you!