The Wand Company TOS Tricorder is coming!


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Sorry everyone i have removed the entry i made earlier this morning. I totally screwed up and posted a Wand Tricorder update that was actually dated July 5th 2021. The Wand Tricorder Update #10. My apologies for my mistake. I have removed the entry and replaced with this entry.
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Pre orders this year? It's the 30th, there is only one more day in the year, am I missing something?
From the content, dates, and the 'Next time - the hood...' postscript, I'm pretty sure that's an old newsletter from earlier this year. I'm on the mailing list and haven't had a newsletter in the last few weeks. And we already knew about the component shortages and resultant delays, and were assuming some time well into in 2022 for the preorders to start.


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M13doctorewho and Wayouteast apologies to you and fellow members. This morning when i checked my cell phone i thought this was a new release of info. I didn't even look at the date on it after your remarks here i went back and checked. To my surprise the content i shared was actually dated July 5th and it is Tricorder Update #10. Again my apologies to all. I will edit my post #601 since there is not a "Delete" this entry for a person posting. Unless someone know that feature or i have to be a premium member to do it. Again sorry.
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I hope we will hear some news from Wand by the end of the month.
Yeah, me as well. I was just looking at their website the other day to make sure I hadn't missed anything.
They're probably experiencing the same troubles with acquiring electronics parts and materials that most everybody else is facing.
Seems likely. A comparatively 'small' manufacturer like them might not get preferrential treatment when it comes to the allocation of components.

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