How do you change knobs on a Wand Company Communicator ?


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I just wanted to know if someone already tried to change the knobs on a The Wand Company Communicator for more screen-accurate knobs evenutally please ?

If yes, how did you do ? Was it an easy task ?

Thank you
I swapped mine for some of the real hub parts, but for the life of me, I can't recall how I did it. It couldn't have been that difficult.

There's gotta be a thread somewhere that describes the process.

My name is Jeromy Warner from Your Geek Fix on YouTube. A couple of weeks ago Chris Barnardo of the Wand Company and I went to TESTED to show off the final working Tricorder. After, we unboxed it together on video. You can check it out at
beginning at 5:00 AM CST on June 3rd 2024. The good news is that it is coming this year and that it is AWESOME! You will not believe everything is does and the work that went into it. It was so much fun playing with this thing. It works exactly as I would picture the tricorder would work in real life. So, check it out and be encouraged, it is here!
On my comm (the first production run) they were held onto the switches with a tiny dab of adhesive. They pulled straight off with a careful tug. The on/off switch has a round metal (brass?) post and the 5-way jog switch on the right is plastic (square).


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