Limited Run GB:FE Red Paranormal Parka by Magnoli Clothiers

Indy Magnoli

Master Member

We've just opened up pre-orders for our new Red Paranormal Parkas. These are going to be SUPER accurate with the correct materials, color, hardware, the works. We're also making them with minimal lining so they can be worn over the jumpsuits without being too hot (we will offer warmer versions for those who want a genuine cold-weather parka).

We'll be doing a run of ready-made sizing from Small to 2XL that should hopefully be ready to ship before the premier, so get your orders in soon to ensure you're at the top of the list: Paranormal Parka by Magnoli Clothiers

We'll also be offering these as made-to-measure for a little more (detailed in the link above).

Kind regards,

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