The Martian Space Suit

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Finally an update, I watched with great interest but I was a little disappointed. So much time has pasted that they skipped over the part that I was most interested in, the conversion of the reference photos into 3d models for 3d printing. Also the creation of the dome, it was just sitting there looking perfect. I will probably watch it a couple dozen times, I love this stuff.


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Has anyone here done any detail work on the interior of the helmet and have any advice from the process? I've seen some good screenshots posted, and little bit of talk about putting a hardhat-style headband inside, but I haven't seen anyone move much past the exterior and the LED strips.

I'm going to *try* to on mine as I want it as close to the hero prop as possible, but I'm still in the printing stage so it'll be a while. The rest of the helmet I'm confident about, but fabric and I have a short - and less-than-friendly - relationship so I'll be wading into new waters if I go that route.


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Recently made some upgrades to my suit for a photoshoot I did yesterday. I recently purchased a CR10 this year so I spent some time and modeled a new arm computer housing to replace my old one.

50523374_10110581052123540_9195814534546194432_n by Wayne Neumaier, on Flickr

I also grew out a beard for a special "Mark Watney Space Pirate Shoot. I'll post the pictures as soon as they come back from editing.

50337651_10110576639721030_3468867075764649984_n by Wayne Neumaier, on Flickr

49810410_10110576682699900_2733878900177240064_n by Wayne Neumaier, on Flickr


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Question about the head band in the helmet. How is it mounted? What's the design? Haven't seen much up close and personal about that. Thanks.