Making a Lunar Space Suit (For My Space Program)

Galia dude

New Member
Been wanting to make my own space suit for a long time. In the beginning I wanted to make an actual pressure suit, but now realizing that building an actual pressure suit can take(probably) years, I've decided to just make a costume. I mostly want to make this because I want to be a film maker, and I would like to continue working on my fictional worlds, countries, and space programs. This suit is going to be a mix of a A7L/A7L-B, and is going to be used in Moon landing scenes. So far, I have made the glove which I started on yesterday. I have finished just the one glove, and will work on the other soon. It is not that good-looking, but I'll try to add more things on the glove to make it look better. Ex: Watch, Notepad, and Mirror.
(Before final fabric)
(After final fabric)

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