The Martian Space Suit


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Working on paint and finishing of the helmet kit. I wanted to replicate some Martian soil and used what I had on hand - bondo.

I spread bondo on a silicone pad and once dry - sanded it down and saved the dust. I'm doing some acrylic washes and adding in some bondo dust. I'll post pics soon.

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Did you ever upload those templates? I'd love to get them.

I planned on uploading the templates I'm making / using to build it from foam, I don't know how well those can be transferred into pepakura.

I also have my 3D model version I started, but I'm not the greatest modeler so I don't think it would unwrap well to pepakura. I was mostly using it to learn the angles and geometry of the chest harness.

I also figured the helmet would be the hardest part, next to the neoprene seven types of fabric basic suit. I didn't really plan on making a helmet until my girlfriend shouts "YOU CAN'T GO TO MARS WITHOUT A HELMET??!"
Haven't seen a new post here in awhile. Here's a sticker i made based of images from the arclight suit. Luckily someone awesome was able to help me figure out what it said. If you'd like, feel free to use it. OXYGEN.png
I have identified the shoe used in the EMU spacesuit. Thanks to Prop Store of london, It has been determined as the Under Armour 4D Foam SpeedForm running shoes. It is, however, barely too bulky to have been used in the surface suit. If you actually want to get the exact ones, make sure they have the hex pattern as seen below.