The Expanse Big Build - Holden EVA Helmet added 04/22

I just finished mine (sadly I didnt get to making the visor trim), it was a bit of a rush job for halloween but Im satisfied with it.


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And so, the end is near, nearly a year after this project started. Good grief.

My last two builds are helmets. Helmets have curves, which complicates things. Guns are easy. They're sorta square. But wonder all those SW helmet guys are so uptight :whistle:

First is the MCRN Marine Helmet:

View attachment 1050129

This is the Season 1 version, which is better. They apparently decided it didn't show enough of the actor's face, so it was re-designed with a full face plate, which is a bit rubbish, imho, but since they continued with the originals in S2 as well, in universe the second version comes across like a pilot version, since it's mostly seen in cockpit scenes. Anyway, I'm rambling.

The base is a Ruroc snowboard helmet:

View attachment 1050134

The visor on my replica, and the original, is a welding eye screen. Thanks to the guys at the MCRN Costuming Facebook group, who contacted Walterklasson Studios, who created the helmets, in order to get the right model.

The visor connector wheels are camera tripod thumbscrews. Pretty much everything else is scratch-build. There is a red LED strip inside, but I found it pretty ineffectual at illuminating the goggles, so it isn't switched on in these pics.

View attachment 1050216

View attachment 1050217

View attachment 1050218

View attachment 1050219

View attachment 1050220
What welding visor did you use for this one? Looking all over and can't find it.




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I know I said I'd stop....

Couldn't resist a shot at Ashford's twin rocket guns from S4's climatic assault on Marco Inara's ship:




Definiteley reminiscent of Dredd's Lawgiver...

I tried to find the base airsoft. Looks like a Glock, but has Gen One grips (without the thumb grooves), but also has finger grooves, which were absent on the Gen One. So I couldn't find it :)

My base was a pair of cheapo springers, that fortunately have metal mags for weight. I had to modified the pistol length with custom shrouds, add new textured grips to cover the thumb grooves, modify the mag bottom, add new front and rear sights and detailing, then sculpt the explosive rounds and underbarrel magazine.

Final result:







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Just watched the final episode :(

I have a bunch of stuff to add to this thread that I haven't got around haven't got around to photographing yet. I'm currently working on what may be my last Expanse prop, the original Canterbury blue EVA helmet that has run through the whole show. It's built around an original Versaflo helmet and is quite a doozy without 3D prinyed parts or the now impossible to find correct Storm head lamps. Hopefully I will overcome!

Pics of etherying left when that build is done!


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I've been collecting various airsoft guns and helmets (ski & pressure) over the last few years with a mind to build a bunch of Expanse props, and that time has finally come!

After spending a few days screen-capping blu-rays and collecting other refernce, I decided to make a start with Miller's hand termianal, as seen extensively in Season One.

View attachment 857947

I drew the terminal in Illustator, allowing space to incorporate a keyring flashlight for illumination.

View attachment 857948

The pieces were then laser cut and engraved on clear 3mm acrylic sheet. All of the engraved details aside from the characteristic scratch on Miller's terminal were then given a white wash to bring out the detail. The image of Julie was finished in Photoshop and then reverse printed onto clear adhesive vinyl and applied to the back of the terminal. Final touch was the add the flashlight and push-to-make activator. The finished prop:

View attachment 857949

View attachment 857950

Rocinante computer disks were created in the same way:

View attachment 857951 View attachment 857952

View attachment 857953

Donnager self destruct keys:

View attachment 857954

View attachment 857955

View attachment 857956

Julie's 'mouse' data chip and Donnager battle chip:

View attachment 857957 View attachment 857958

View attachment 857959
Julie's hard-copy photo. I photoshopped then printed this onto clear adhesive vinyl, then attached a white vinyl backing.

View attachment 857960

View attachment 857961

Donkey Balls.

View attachment 857962

View attachment 857963

Next up: UNN Pistol :)
Love the Miller Data Terminal. Excellent work.

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