Alien (Kane’s) EVA Pistol Help

Captain Dunsel

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I’m planning on starting an Alien EVA Pistol build in the next few weeks and am looking for the Single Point scope rail mount seen here:



Is this a custom piece or a commercial rail mount available somewhere?
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I used a bicycle spoke bent in shape with the join hidden by the centre plate. High tensile and very stiff although maybe slightly thinner. It doesn't move at all however. I found the thickness fit much better in the scope mounts. Thicker wouldn't stay in well at all. But mine is 3d printed. Metal mounts are probably a different story.
Hmmmm…looks look a simple steel tube, bent to shape, with a mounting plate in the middle…should be simple enough to replicate (famous last words).

Though, I still suspect that the original is a “found item” of some kind.
I’m wondering if the “plate” is actually the bottom of a shortened clip installed into the base gun with the rail soldered around the outer perimeter of the clip, pinched between the bottom of the gun and the bottom plate of the clip?


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