A few of my Big Lebowski props


Thought some of you might enjoy a few Big Lebowski replicas from my collection.

I’ve never seen anyone else create a replica of The Dude’s wallet, as shown in the police station scene. It consists of a scuffed-up leather billfold, a Ralph’s grocery card made by another maker, and a replica I made of Jackie Treehorn’s x-rated sketch. I reproduced it from a scan of the original prop. Of course, The Dude’s wallet contains nothing else. Certainly no cash.

Also shown here is a replica I made of Larry Sellers’ infamous homework, weathered and even burned on one edge to match the original.

Lastly, some of you may have seen replicas of the Time Man of the Year mirror floating around, but mine is one of the better ones because it has the screen-accurate white edge within the red border.

Hope you enjoy. The Dude abides!



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