The 2011 Hallmark Christmas Ornaments Premier July 16-17!!!


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I am pals with a store owner and he said they base distribution on the previous years sales on the LQOs and overall sales volume. One of his family member's store got 10 snitches and sold out equally as fast.
Oh, is that how they determine who gets what?
Well, I always go a Hallmark that I think is unpopular, or a new one if there is a new one in the Houston area that's not yet built up a clientele, and go at opening first day of Premier if there is something I really, really want.

I just hate it when I see eBayers in there digging and scratching for all the popular stuff.

Wonder if WWoHP got any of the Golden Snitch ornaments to sell?

Hallmark for the last couple of years or so has made exclusive ornaments to be offered at SD comic con......if you are interested in one of these and not attending, maybe you have a friend you can beg to get you one....

>>>>Star Wars’ IG-88 and Dengar, the Comic Book Guy from “The Simpsons,” and Descending Upon Gotham (Batman) are the select Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments that will be sold exclusively at Comic-Con International July 21 – 24 in San Diego, Calif. A limited quantity of these Comic-Con-exclusive Keepsake Ornaments will be sold.
To see a pic of them click here.....

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