pirates of the caribbean

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  1. Utopiandaniel

    Dead mans chest replica location photos

    Hey everyone, I posted some studio photos of this replica a couple of months ago, I had the chance to take some location photos the other day, hope you like them.
  2. willrhami

    Brass Cast and Gold Plated POTC Aztec Medallion (Reference help appreciated)

    After failing a $600 lightsaber project that had been my lifeblood for the last 8 months, I wanna work on a completely different project I've never thought of before, or at least not for longer than a moment. I settled on something SUPER out there, but something I think if done right could be...
  3. Utopiandaniel

    Pirates of the Carribean - Dead man's Chest Replica

    Here's my replica of the Dead Man's chest from the pirates of the Carribean franchise for my final univeristy project. Hope you guys like it!
  4. Cbstudios

    CB's Captain Jack Sparrow Compass Build.

    Well, with this year marking my 10 year point in my Jack Sparrow cosplay life, my Disney Store compass has been looking a bit sorry and out of place. I've upgraded every part of my gear (Most several times over) and there's barely anything that isn't authentic or close to in it. Down to custom...
  5. blerner

    Cast signed Pirates of the Caribbean

    I got a great deal on this piece and wanted to show it off! It originally came from a store in Downtown Disney when they used to sell art and autographed memorabilia. Came with all the paperwork as well! Anyone have an idea on what I could possibly get out of it if I were to sell?
  6. Kobeque

    Bill Turner's knife from Pirates of the Caribbean

    I like replicating underappreciated props, so here is my attempt at a replica of Bill Turner's "Black Knife" from Pirates of the Caribbean. This is the knife that Bootstrap Bill gives him, and the same knife that is used to cut out his heart at the end of the third film. There's hardly any good...
  7. MadCowRebel

    Jack Sparrow pistol kit/casts available?

    Does anyone make kits or casts of jacks pistol? The old Zizzle toys that everyone used to make their builds from have long been out of production and are quite rare now. Last one I saw on ebay was going for over $125. I don't mind paying for quality but this is a plastic toy. So any leads on...
  8. Cornemusic

    Captain Jack Sparrow Compass

    Hi guys, Been working on a next level compass, here are some updates regarding the new compass... This time I’m using all brass parts and Meranti wood, kind of a challenge...It’ll be the compass from the curse of the black pearl, I like the bigger sundial over the smaller one, but I might build...
  9. Nanotyrannus

    Aztec gold curse medallion

    Here is a screen used cursed medallion from Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. This medallion was used as a stunt prop for action scenes or when actors are tossing or dropping the prop! The screen-used medallion was worn by actress Keira Knightley. The gold-colored metal...
  10. Nibenon

    Nib's Jack Sparrow Baldric: en masse

    Hey all; long time no see. For as much as my participation on here has admittedly waned, I just can't keep away. At this point, though, I've become a professional craftsman, thanks in no small part to learning so much here. By day I do interior work on aircraft, and by night I sew and do...
  11. J

    Pensacon 2018

    Hey everyone, I'm fairly new to the RPF. I'm a videographer and cosplayer myself. I went to Pensacon 2018 and saw amazing cosplay and it was truly inspirational! My Youtube Channel is dedicated to spreading the love for conventions and cosplaying! Check out my latest Cosplay Showcase and Music...
  12. PrestonAltr

    Animatronic Barker Bird (Pirates of the Caribbean)

    Hey Everybody! I wanted to share the progress on my Barker Bird animatronic replica. A bit of background: The Barker Bird lived outside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Walt Disney World on-and-off until the early 2000's. Unlike the realistic parrot squawking at the queue in Disneyland, the...
  13. A

    Captain Morgan Frock Coat Replica

    I've wanted to build a Captain Hook frock coat (1991 film version) for quite some time and after learning about other's time consuming processes, it seemed like a better option was to start a bit more simplistic. After all, every pirate needs a beautiful red justacorps coat, but which would...
  14. noctisariel

    Jack Sparrow meets John Silver meets Will Turner meets Captain Flint

    It's 3:30PM on a Friday and I haven't even started drinking rum yet... Happy to be a part of the forum as a member. Been visiting for years, gathering inspiration from all the incredibly talented people here and I thought it time to dive in and join the fun. Here's a little mix up of various...
  15. HarleyCyn

    PotC Cap'n Jack Sparrow's jar of dirt - finished!

    As finished as a heartless jar can get anyway. Took a bit longer than I thought but came out like I'd hoped. It's surprisingly fun to play with. I made it open-able (for heart-placing later) and everyone wants to open it to play with the contents. It's like a mini sandbox. I should throw a...
  16. M

    Semi-functinal Jack Sparrow compass - scratch build

    G'day folks, I'm working on a scratch built JS compass. I have a question regarding the 'mechanism' advertised as inside the Master Replicas compass to make it spin in random directions. Does anyone know how it worked? I can't find anything specific online. I'm about halfway through...
  17. mrcarkeys42

    Pirate Treasure

    Hi, I'm planning on making a pirate themed short film and want to make a treasure chest full of treasure. I made the chest already, now I just need something to fill it with and was wondering if anyone on here had any recommendations. I looked all over amazon and ebay, and the best looking...
  18. Indy Magnoli

    Our Pirates of the Caribbean FAN FILM: The Sword of Jack Sparrow

    Here's a short video we made to showcase some of our POTC clothing and props, featuring the awesome voice talent of Elliot Crossley: Have a watch, like and comment over at YouTube... and feel free to share the link around! :) Thanks, Magnoli
  19. Indy Magnoli

    Unlimited Run Jack Sparrow "Dead Men Tell No Tales" Wanted Poster

    http://www.magnoliprops.com/maps-prints-wanted-poster-p-538.html All illustrations were drawn by hand, including the crest at the top, scanned at 600dpi and printed on heavy weight textured paper, with a three-step distressing process: $35, international shipping included in the price...
  20. Blockers

    Jack Sparrow Sash

    Does anyone know where I can get material that looks the same (or as close to it) to make a Jack Sparrow Sash, ideally the DMC/AWE style?
  21. bradtdkrises

    Zombie Pirate

    ive been testing make-up on my daughter for halloween. she wants to be Pirates of the Carribean-ish zombie...Black Pearl...Capt. Barbosa...etc etc... this is only a test to be sure everything would stay on her face. You gotta picture it with facial hair, more detailed rotting flesh..etc etc...
  22. Indy Magnoli

    Prisma App for Great Cosplay Photos!

    I've been playing around with this Prisma app and, photoshopping a few different Prisma filters into one image, made these images: Get it and have fun with your photos! Kind regards, Magnoli
  23. Z

    9 Pieces of 8 Pirates of the Caribbean

    9 Pieces of 8 After watching pirates of the Caribbean I decided to do a prop that has rarely if never been recreated by anyone. The bowl that holds the 9 pieces ready to burn and release calypso is a church offering bowl in which I found a patterned one similar on etsy and added the nice red...
  24. Customrelic

    Chalices of Cartagena, Cups of Ponce De Leon

    I picked this back up after a month or so of not working on it. This is going to be the "Aqua" cup of Ponce De leon. I studied the screen used prop and was kinda shocked at how bad it was. Looking at several screen shots throughout the movie, i noticed they had to have used a bunch of different...
  25. Belladonna

    Elizabeth Swann At World's End Pirate King costume (POTC)

    Hey guys, I just wanted to share the Elizabeth Swann costume I made for my sister Aileen for our POTC group :) Everything was made from faux leather, the buckles and details on the shoulders were made from craft foam, the belt pieces were made from Apoxie sculpt and the entire silk costume was...

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