TFA *** First Order Snowtrooper


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Hey guys and gals,

Although i've build quite a lot, and a for a long time, doing full costumes is new for me. And i absolutely love it.
When i saw the pics of the new Snowtrooper at Celebrations, i decided to make this my first costume build. Now time for its own WIP thread here on the RPF.

Still at an early stage, here's my progress so far....

3d file (using Rhino3d) of the 'mictip' (for lack of a better term) on the chin of the helmet, drawn up and machined from chemiwood. White bits in styrene.

In primer. Will add the groove on the side, on the lathe. After that, i'll add the white bits on the side.

Start of the backpack in 2d (AutoCAD)/3d (Rhino3d), tracing a multitude of photos and trying to compensate for perspective.

The 'beltbox'. Again in 3d, the pouches on each side are simple shapes for blocking out the space. Nothing fancy.

The belt looks to be made from a fine ribbed rubber flooring. I found something locally and got a sample. Close, but not a perfect match (still looking). Cut a strip of the width of the belt.

The beltbox is two parts. Front is white, rear is black. I only took a shot of the black part being machined. I will mold and cast this in black tinted pu rubber.

A quick combo for the belt, and both parts for the box.

Thanx for looking.




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Beautiful work so far. I'm glad to finally see someone committing himself with the Snowtrooper, i really like the costume.


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This is going to be good. Getting ready to start soft goods once I find suitable fabric. Can't wait to see the pack.


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Thanx for the kind words guys. I continue to do the 3d modelling on the parts, now that my cnc's are running the last parts for my Turret run.

In the menatime i have been modelling this TFA thingy as well.

Will update soon with more Snowy bits and pieces.




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Yeah went out and the people who are suppose to be experts had no clue on the material.

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Anovos will offer them after premier. I'm also saw some creepy China recast ones, but they look awful
I'm sure Anovos will, but i'll be building my own from front to back. The vacvormed production process used by Anovos on the TFA Stormtrooper makes them very different from the screenused cast costumes.

My goal is not just to make a costume, but only a screenaccurate costume.


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Very exciting!I've been looking into fabrics and I think parts of it could possibly be a type of tackle twill, that white fabric with the slight sheen used on Boba Fett's vest and neckseal. That's what the torso and maybe the legs look like to me for the new snowy

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