Telescopic or folding range finder stalk???


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I am currently trying to find the best solution for my Range finder stalk for my custom mando idea...
the idea it when the stalk is up it either collapses in or folds nicely on to itself and I am going to be doing more of a flat Range finder that folds around.
has anyone done anything that is sort of like this?? and can anyone think of the best way to go about doing this?

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I'm not entirely sure how you want it to look but how about hacking a folding book light:


Incidentally that model was used in the movie "V for Vendetta" as an anti-bug device which is why I thought of it since I have one sitting in front of me. :)
well not quite what I had in mind will try do sketch ok the idea in paint or photoshop later. want it to kinda fold down when stalk goes up... just looking for a simple way to do it while keeping what little strength it has.
well this is as close as I can describe what I am trying to do.
think as if one end would be attatched to the earn piece and as it came up the front piece would fold down and but up to the back end when they reach top center.

thanks for any help with this...
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