Teen Groot: Infinity War - WIP - Pic Heavy

Okay. Thanks everyone for your patience. I started off the build of the body by acquiring a green morph suit and some cheap rubber rain boots.

I also bought a small toy figure to help inspire me. The toy was less than $10.

I started by setting the boots on EVA foam mats. I traced the footprint of the boot far enough from the edge to give me enough extra to draw the shape of Groot's footprint.

Then I cut out the base and the center outline of the boot footprints.


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I attached the EVA foam Groot footprints to the rain boots using Barge contact cement.

You'll notice I added straps to the top of the boots in case I wanted to be able to tighten them around my legs, but now that it's finished I can't imagine ever using those straps. So, feel free to skip this step.
Before I started attaching more foam to the boots I used my table-top beltsander to sand down strips of EVA foam. I used that and a Dremel tool to creat details in the foam that would resemble tree bark.

As I attached each piece to the boots I painstakingly shaped each piece of foam to make the edges softer and more organic looking.
From there I built out the boots and moved on to the morphsuit. To create the bark-like layers on the morphsuit I attached strips of brown fleece with high temperature hot glue. In most cases I drew lines on the morphsuit where I wanted to attach fleece, and then cut the fleece to match the pattern.

I have a hyperlapse video of me working on attaching the fleece to the morphsuit. I'll link that in the next post...


I guess I forgot to mention this, but I already have a "duct-tape-dummy" of myself. I created this a while back, and it allows me work on my costumes without constantly having to try them on.

In the case of Teen Groot I would say that this is 100% necessary to complete the costume using my technique. So, if you don't already have a duct-tape-dummy please search for a tutorial on creating one....
Here is the link to the video of me attaching the fleece strips to the morphsuit. As you can imagine, this took quite a long time. I'm not certain, but definitely more than 8 hours of working time.

For the hands, I used cheap gardening gloves, black hockey (athletic) tape, and regular household electrical wire (I believe it was 14 gauge) and more strips of fleece.

I used the hockey tape to attach the wire to the gloves to create elongated fingers. After that I attached strips of fleece using hot glue to make the gloves look like vines.

Once all the fleece was attached to the entire costume I coated all the fleece with liquid latex.
Once all the fleece was attached I coated all the fleece (and even some of the spaces in between) with liquid latex.


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