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Hey all, this will be largely a placeholder post until I can get some better pictures of my project, but I am about 1/4 the way done with a life size (no stilts, 6' tall only due to stability concerns) EVA foam build of a Warhammer 40k Wolfpriest. I have a rough build of a Primaris Assault pack coming from Crawdaddy Cosplay, using his Primaris and Grey Knight/MK VI EVA foam templates, and have successfully finished a Primaris Plasma pistol loosely based on the one available on Cults3D by Hippopropamus and heavily modified by me.

As I await the photo edits from my friend, I do have a possible question to pose to the community if you've read this far. I am working next, as I clear up my workshop to begin cutting foam, a voice amp/modulator to fit inside a MK VI basis wolfskull helmet I whipped up based on a 28mm miniature bit. Does anyone have anyone good guides or links on how to mix your own voice fX and what equipment to use to mount it inside a helmet to achieve a real-time effect? Most of what I'm finding seems to be all for use on apps like discord or streaming apps. I found one guide(Halloween – RASPIAUDIO) that I intend to follow, and was considering using Voicemod with the Pro tier enabled, but I'd like to try and avoid a subscription fee or such to access the voice.

Link below to what a Space Maine sounds like, and WIP pictures inbound!

Some pictures of things as they stand

Helmet preview in 3D builder. Original scylpt and file from HERE. Modified from 28mm bit to cosplay scale and made wearable by myself. Will have an added actual horsetail crest like in the last photo. Planned to add fabs, voice amp/modulator and LED light the eye lenses




Primaris Plasma Pistol based on THESE files, with custom PCB and arduino powered lighting by Blenster of Mr. Blinky Bling and myself. Several "upgrade" parts printing now to give it a more "wolfy" vibe. Video of the LED animation coming soon.



Crozius Arcanum from linked file, wolf skull added from a free Thingiverse file in Tinkercad, printed by myself on my Creality CR-10s Pro V2. Rub n buff antique gold finish, suede fabric from JoAnns for the handle. Pommel is being reworked.




Primaris pattern jumppack from Crawdaddy Cosplay . Various thickness of EVA foam. May add lights/smoke to "engines" if build funds abd time allow. Attaching images of my pack, which Crawdaddy built and is holding for pickup, that was used as a stock image.



More info to come!!
Video of the animated LED sequence on the plasma pistol, zip tie to activate the trigger press switch. If the trigger is let go of mid animation it will finish the current cycle of the LEDs and then the next press will restart the animation from the beginning. Still tweaking speed on it, advice there is welcome!


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