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I finally have this in a state to show off After years of dreaming of it I now have my Infinity Stones display wired to a single switch.

Infinity Stones.jpg

My original plan was to have the stones on a wall surrounding a Captain America shield but as I started collecting them I saw how nice thy looked on a shelf I decided to switch my plan. The lights are mostly using a Neopixel Jewel 7 and an Arduino board.

From Left to Right.

Vormir: I designed and 3D printed it myself. I didn't want to go 100% accurate with the mountain but I tried to get the top as accurate as I can (I am very much an amateur at 3D modeling). The base was originally smaller but I wanted each point of light to line up with each other. The stone itself is from Esty by CaliberCraftProps, I had it wired directly to the stone but to avoid burn out I will order a stone without electronics and just light beneath it.

Eye of Agamotto: This is the Gmasking replica. I had a small hole drilled through the back for the light to go through and I design a 3D print a mount to hold the light.

Tesseract: I bought the cube from Amazon, it comes with an LED light the screws to tighten and activate the light. I design and printed a screw that can hole the Neopixel instead as well as the base which isn't based on any existing design.

Vision's Headpiece: Originally I got Loki's specter but I felt that didn't work with what I wanted to do so I went with the green chevron on Vision's head. I design an printed it. Unfortunately I could get to curve as much I would like. The stone itself was also 3D printed the sanded to make a mold for resin.

Orb: Another prop I bought off Amazon, The stone is also from Esty by CaliberCraftProps. It's wired but I think like the Soul stone I'll look into another way to light it.

Aether: I purchased this from Esty by SomethingStellr. It has plug that I wired a connection into from the board.

I plan to tinker here and there but for the most part this is my collection. I will be making the files for Vormir and Vision available for purchase at somepoint in the future, I feel I make have to clean them up first, when I do I'll update this post.
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That's a really nice display. I really like using the chevron from Vision's helmet to hold the infinity stone. The display really looks great!!

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