T800 project


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Happy to see that you are a member of theRPF! Watched your ENTIRE cast aluminum T800 build! AMAZING work, that thing must weigh a TON, or more! Did you ever get the servo to move the eyes working?

I'd love to build a vinyl or resin full size kit someday, when I can afford it. Spray chrome is the route I'll likely be taking.


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I just watched the video, and it proves two things:

1. You are one of the most creative, talented beings alive.
2. You are certifiably insane! (Which in this case, is a *good* thing!)

I'm amazed that you could create that entire exoskeleton - out of metal - using all the tools and techniques, and still be in posession of all your fingers!
I've followed this build from close to the beginning. Seeing the complete "making of" just underscores how epic this project is.

Thank you for sharing this journey with all of us T-Nerds!

Jamie Staff

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Another Mini Doc.... This Video chronicles the building of my version the iconic phased plasma rifle 40 watt range, a toy for the T-800 Terminator. Constructed over 2 months during the build of Endoskeleton , this is a closer look at how I made it, recreating this iconic weapon from movie history in Cast Aluminium.

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