T800 project

Jamie Staff

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I've decided to work form the head down. I bought a Thai skull in prep a while back, I knew I hade to redo the size to match the skeleton, I did'nt thing the diference was that bad, I was wrong

anyway this is what I have come up with as a solution, pretty happy so far but still a long way to go... I have to make a shell that I can cut up, the idea is to desulpt the skull so the casting can be done, there is going to be a lot of detail to cut in after its cast.... but once its cleaned up I'll cut it up again to make to "cast" patern...
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The Collector

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Totally awesome

If I ever loose my arm (hopefully not) I know who can make me a new one.

This is absolut brilliant work. I´m totally stunned by your perfect skills.

Greet´s from Germany Can´t wait to see more pics


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Funny you should say that about the arm as Alan is helping me with an interesting project regarding a certain lost digit of mine.

Love the progress mate. You are mad...mad I say! lol


Jamie Staff

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bit more on the head... still working out the angles for the casting I will probly have to make a custom cast box to make it work... the peices will need to be cleaned up more before casts are taken off them...

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