Super-Duper Detailing the ERTL Star Destroyer

Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by bobbyfett, Sep 14, 2005.

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    Hi all,
    I wanted to share some pics with you guys of my most recently finished project, the ERTL Star Destroyer. I built it for someone who asked for an upgraded and lit version of the stock kit. So, to fulfill this I spent a couple months adding thousands of evergreen stock pieces and kit parts to the kit. He didn't need the detailing to be 100% accurate to the studio models or anything crazy like that. He just wanted it to look nicer than the stock version. To light it I used about 12 feet of .265 64 strand FO cable and nine white LEDs. Here are the pics:
    Building progress:
    Not lit: (second one down)
    Lit: (second one down)
    Enjoy. :)
  2. franz bolo

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    Looks great.

  3. propsculptor

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  5. HAL9000

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    my god,

    that is the difference between a model and 'screenlook'. fantastic.

    Can I suggest you slip some CTB gel over the tail lighting exhausts
    (it will correct the blue to almost white). That's my only suggestion.

    Otherwise, brillliant. love to see a a death star.
  6. bobbyfett

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    Thanks guys. Lots of work, but definately worth it. :)
    HAL, the LEDs are actually a very nice clear white just like in the film, only they look blue because I had to adjust my camera settings white balance to get a good exposure in the dark. I got some good shots, just the lights look blue. :unsure Maybe some day I'll go crazy enough to attempt the Death Star. :D First I have to regain my eyesight after all the closeup work on this one. :wacko
  7. 12Rogues

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    Fantacular Bobby. Good to see there is some hope for that kit.
  8. Pauleysolo

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