Studio Scale Buck Rogers Thunderfighter Blueprints


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The drawings of the Studio Scale Buck Rogers Thunderfighter model are nearly finished and will be posted on my main site. Charles Adams (of Starship Builder) graciously let me borrow his copy of the studio scale kit, Thank you! Also, thank you to Jim Key of Custom Replicas who made available a discarded hull from which most of the drawings are derived.

These drawings will eventually include drawings of the cockpits for both the SS model and the full size set. Also, the drawings will have details drawings of the various major components.

WARNING!! This is free site and it does have pop-ups!! WARNING!!
Here is a teaser sample of the 5 View, as always comments are encouraged. Very large image scroll down and to the right.

The main site lists the other drawings that are available:

Rogue Studios

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THe guns look like they converge inward. I have a casting from the studio mold and mine doesn't do that or this is just a drawing thing that I know nothing about? Just trying to help.