STUCK NEED ADVICE Mass effect armor led help


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I'm working on a Mass Effect Terminus armor build currently. I am trying to make the red out lines on the costume glow, kind of like the effect a tron suit gives off. At first I was thinking along the lines of El wire, but that seemed to bulky and would be hard with all the angles on the suit. I was going to use Led strips to make this happen, but because its such small lines its hard to diffuse and not show any diffusing paper. I also am trying to go for a seamless effect on the armor and not indents where the lines are. I saw this armor on Google images and I love the effect of the lights on the armor. Just cant figure out anyway to do it and it look that good or better :p. Any advice?
. tumblr_naueqgN4Xo1tbf2dko2_500.jpg
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