Stormtrooper tear detail


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IIRC no one has had the tear detail until the RS helmet (SiMan).

That would be correct, the TE molds (and thus every helmet derived from them) were purposely modified and the finer tear detail was scrubbed from the buck before they were ever offered to the public...


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Well then there is nothing to worrie about , No drama it was just a ramndom question

Any one have pics of thew TE HDPE face before painting spacificly the tear detail
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Er... I really am the absolute wrong to ask about troopers, sorry. But all mentioned stem from original stunt helmets, so no heroes among them. Some have tried converting their stunts into heroes, but honestly... though nice attempts still doesn't really capture the hero look.

MR scanned the LFL archives hero. If they had just used that scan to make their helmet and not married it with the stunt and made a frankenstein's monster helmet... we could finally have gotten a hero. Hopefully eFX will acquire that hero helmet scan and do a new exact HERO trooper bucket.

Sorry, this had pretty little to do with the original question, though.
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