Steampunk Pirates


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For the past seven years we have attended a pirate party that encourages costuming. They made a point of saying last year's costumes could not compete in the contest, well ... my wife just saw that as a challenge hahaha. Most of the clothing we had from other costumes my wife had made and the overcoat is my winter adventure-in-really-bad-weather coat.
The guns, gloves, top hat, gears, watchmaker's loupes and goggles all came from Amazon for about $30-40. The short swords were purchased from Bud-K last year.

The goggles are real welding goggles we spray painted as well as the hardware on it. It cost less than half then buying it pre-made. Unfortunately it was 86 degrees out and my costume was soooo hot I didn't get to wear all of it too long after the contest judging.


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My wife and I really appreciate the 400+ views to date BUT.... any comments? We would truly appreciate any ideas for improvements or questions on building. Did we mention we blew the ass off everyone else? It was not entirely fair as the woman that put the challenge forward doesn't really know my wife, but the fault was her's not ours.

We feel costumes should be fun, work your party to that goal. :)


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Looks like a great build. Perhaps a pirate hat would be more suitable than a top hat. Also, I really don't get the leather crotch thingamajiz. It almost looks like something from an "adult" store.


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Thank you, my wife did a great job. The last several years I'd worn a pirate hat so in keeping with the new "rules of a different costume" we went with a Victorian era top hat. The codpiece, well that was just there to mess people up hahaha, it worked well with our particular group of friends. It is several hundred years out of date for the costume and although I wouldn't let a close-up shot be taken of it there are skull and crossbones in keeping with the pirate theme. I certainly wouldn't wear that part to a neighborhood Halloween party.