1. JordanC

    Little Shop Of Horrors - Special Gas Mask

    Hello there! I am props designing For Little Shop of Horrors at a local community theatre, this is my first time designing without a mentor and saying I’m excited is an understatement !! I'm new here but I wanted to document how me & my bf made our tank & mask bc ShawnHallDesign gave a lot of...
  2. steam-punk-post-apocalyptic-style-leather-vest-harness-phvest060-body-harness.jpg


    Maze Runner Inspired Leather Vest harner - Front
  3. steam-punk-post-apocalyptic-style-leather-vest-harness


    Maze Runner Inspired Leather Vest harner - Backside
  4. steam-punk-post-apocalyptic-style-leather-vest-harness


    Maze Runner Inspired Leather Vest harner - Closeup photo
  5. tmax

    Steampunk Lightsaber...

    Picked up a couple vintage flashlights from an antique dealer in Nova Scotia and decided they’d make a killer Lightsaber. Also pulled apart a vintage sewing machine and found heaps of neat parts. This had to be a reveal hilt, so the inner workings needed to look mechanical, pre-kyber crystal...
  6. Lunajammer

    Star Trek TOS Enterprise Lamp.. (Steampunk?) Done

    The little metal Catspaw episode Enterprise has intrigued me since I was a kid. As an adult, my intrigue has been inspired by some steampunk examples from the web and I knew I had to do something like these excellent examples. I keep gravitating toward lamps because they are more...
  7. philmonty

    UK Customs and Clarinet/Rifle prop

    Hi all I am attending a steampunk festival in Lincoln in a few weeks, and wanted to bring a clarinet that's been turned into a steampunk rifle - the basis is a wooden rilfe stock, but it's clearly something silly. The Clarinet/rifle will be disassembled in my bag. Does anyone have any ideas if...
  8. Blabashotz

    Steampunk Goggles Full Build

    I wanted to build a set of goggles that were in a steampunk style, so I started by going down to my local Bunnings, grabbing a snag, and bought a pair of welding goggles for the base. I then began by taking them apart and giving them a light grey primer coat. The flip-up viewing section of...
  9. tmax

    Dr. Grordbort Custom Manmelter - Finished!

    Most who know me know I'm a huge Weta fan (I'm a Kiwi so it's like a national requirement). Especially anything designed by Greg Broadmore which of course includes his brainchild - Dr. Grordbort. I also happen to have a thing for steampunk, so you can see why these guns do it for me. Lol...
  10. the DOCTOR

    Jet Powered GeeBee Racer

    Back in the workshop, and recently was inspired by the GeeBee racer 'planes of the 1930s and 40s: But, obviously, with a twist, in this case, two bloody great fan intakes for some sort of jet engine! At the start, all I had was an old plastic dome clock dome, two acrylic toothbrush cups...
  11. 13doctorwho

    First Foam Prop! Steampunk Arm

    A friend asked me to design and build a Steampunk Robotic Arm. He's going to Renaissance Festival for they're Steampunk weekend. He came up with a character and back story that was pretty cool. He wanted foam so it will be light as he was wearing all day outside. It was my first time working...
  12. P

    Steampunk Jr. Ghostbusters

    I have been working on some costumes for my girlfriend's young sons. The boys are already huge fanboys at the ages of 7 & 4, which is pretty awesome in my book. They have seen all of the 80's classics and recently have. Come obsessed with the original Ghostbusters movies. I've been getting...
  13. S

    P.I.P. Boy 1890

    When Nikola Tesla began constructing his "World System" to wirelessly transmit power to the entire planet, his rival Thomas Edison warned that it would result in no less grisly a result than the death by electrocution of all life on Earth. Not content with merely doomsaying, Edison built a...
  14. Jake Kassnoff

    Steampunk Cthulhu

  15. Faroth

    Steampunk Bracer Saw

    I was looking up different steampunk weapons for a RPG game and was inspired to make a circular saw blade, electric powered steampunk gauntlet. I'm thinking lots of brass, rivits, a bit blade, straps to the forearm, flashing lights, wires, old timey batteries, an actual electric motor to spin...
  16. Faroth

    Antique Steampunk Pipe Wrench

    I found this actual, antique, rusted, pipe wrench at a local thrift store. I like the look of it a lot but the thing weighs 5 lbs. For a 12" long tool, that is pretty heavy. I have a Steampunk Pirate costume I was hoping to use this and hang it from a belt but it would just be too...
  17. Pcoz

    Pcoz's Steam Punk Flint Gun

    Hey Guys, I took a short break from my X-wing build to work on a quick steam punk gun for my wife's Christmas party this year. They always do a themed party and this year is why not twist it up a little and do something steam punk ? I'm completely new to this genre, so I had to...
  18. Jake Kassnoff

    Steampunk Microwave

    think I might add some gauges:
  19. Jake Kassnoff

    Steampunk Violin

    I wouldn't have done this if the violin hadn't already been smashed when I found it:
  20. Jake Kassnoff

    Steampunk Gun Blade

    My take on a steampunk gun blade:
  21. Jake Kassnoff

    Steampunk Flashdrive

    My take on a steampunk USB:
  22. N

    Steampunk Vanguard Build (Completed)

    Steampunk Vanguard Build This was my first costume I hand built and I'm quite happy how it came out. It still needs a lot of polish and I have quite a few things I didn't add because of skill/time constraints. This isn't a replica costume necessarily, but it pulls a lot of ideas from a few...
  23. G

    Steampunk Half Mask

    Custom Steampunk Half Mask Design & Build By #GiiZmOMakes So, this started out as making a sub zero type mask but quickly changed to just a fully custom mask. A while back, i duct taped the crap out of my head and filled it with expanding foam in attempts of making a budget head cast. I than...
  24. ThinkBuildWin

    Bloodborne pistol build / Iron Kingdoms Magelock pistol

    I've lurked around here for a long while checking out other people's builds and I thought that I would share my own :) I started a blog to record my journey of setting up my workshop and building the pistol. My blog can be found here: but I will post a much...
  25. MildMax

    Nerf Double Strike Repaint - First Attempt!

    Howdy all, I just recently discovered the RPF when I was googling around looking for painted Nerf guns after hearing about them on the Tested youtube channel and decided I really wanted to try to make one for myself! I was at Target recently on an 'unrelated' trip and picked up the...