Star Wars droid arms


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All the non-human droids (R2, Treadwell, 2-1B, EV-9D9, even the Imperial probe droid) in Star Wars ep 4, 5, and 6 had thin arm parts. What was used for them?


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as far as I know for the old movies they salvaged a lot
of parts from aircraft, and engines.

we had a close up view of some of R2's arms at CIII
and are still looking for something compatibale.



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Originally posted by Jack Knight1979@Jan 31 2006, 04:15 PM
I thought Don said R2 was 100% custom machined.  Less the coin return and HP and coin slots.  Everything else was milled.
All the arms on all the droids were custom machined?.? That seems like a huge amount of work for something so not-the-focus of attention.

What about the ones in the visual dictionary?


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One of the Treadwell's arms seem to be from swing arm lamps. Probably with bits added on here and there.