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I always wanted a Medical Tricorder for my collection and now i have build one.
The Housing is a heavyly modyfied 3D Print STL i found online. It was a Solid one not made for Electronics, so i altered it a lot in Blender to fit all my needs.
The electronics ( Lights and Sound like in the Show ) are custom made by me.
The lables are made by me too in Photoshop, using reference Pictures from the show and other sources.
it has a 2 phase Paintjob to get the Greyish look with light silver sparkels like the original prop had.
The lower part is hold in place through magnets when closed so you can hold it in any Position without it popping open by accident and it aktivates when opened by a magnetic switch. The Electronics can be switched off when displaying it in "open" postion.
Medical Tricorder by Ernie.jpg
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This came out great! Great job on the electronics. I've explored some of this myself using Arduinos and really enjoy it, but it's challenging for sure! The magnets to hold it closed is a pretty smart idea. Not too hard to add those while you're doing the reed switches. Did you also build the hand scanner?
Your medical Tricorder is looking great, awesome build!
The electronics ( Lights and Sound like in the Show ) are custom made by me.
Did you use ICs to controll the lights/sounds or something like Arduino or other microcontroller?
Did you feed power through the hinges to the LEDs in the bottom section or have you used another method?

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