1. knaving

    Captain Picard's Ready Room Alcove Lamps

    I wish to make a set of Picard's lamps in his ready room. I've looked all around for a source or even a conversation about these lamps but I cannot find any information about them. They are a simple enough design but what's giving me pause are the diffuser covers. They appear to be what is...
  2. ramthis

    Star Trek Insignia Shadow Box - Help Needed!

    Hey all, As I've been watching through season 2 of Discovery, having just finished Lower Decks and Picard in the past half-year, I was inspired to look at putting together a shadow box display of the most iconic insignia from the whole canon. I've done some searches on our forums, and while...
  3. adamfilip

    Exocomp - Star Trek TNG

    Been working on an Exocomp replica from Star trek TNG follow my progress here
  4. FabiKurz

    Star Trek TNG Communicator Badge

    Hi Everybody! Here is a new "home-made" prop replica. It has no secrets, just a little bit of aluminum, a piece of styrene and epoxy putty. Instead velcro I put a magnet on the back, so I can wear it even on a leather jacket (with a metallic plate inside).Hope you like it. Regards, FabiKurz.
  5. HandfulOfJohn

    Enterprise D Phaser Effect Light & Sound

    Hi all, After seeing larger models with this effect, I worked hard with a coder to include it into my Round 2 1/1400 scale Enterprise D. Including molding brass etched parts to make clear for the effect to be seen. Better to hear the sound as well via my YouTube channel below the gif....
  6. karlsharples

    Help. Star Trek transporter room. 2 week build

    Hi guys I need help, I’ve accepted a job to build a full size transporter room for a photo shoot, the license has come through paramount but they won’t give me any dimensions because the set I need to build can’t be from any specific series or ship. I have to build a generic transporter room...