STAR TREK DISCOVERY has been cancelled after 5 seasons

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Star Trek Discovery has been cancelled after 5 seasons.

Star Trek Discovery Is Cancelled And Fans Are Divided

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Not surprised. While I liked some of the characters, I found the episodes overcomplicated, with stories within stories, within stories... so much so, that it was hard to follow, I'd have to review the previous episode to figure out what I missed. The technology was so 'out there' that even techies were thinking, what's the point of 'that'. The writers seemed like monkeys, throwing their scat onto the wall to see what will stick...or perhaps it was their screenplays being rewritten by the producers wanting to add their own bling. Klingons, mirror universe, detached warp nacelles....etc.

It's a perfect example of how to ruin a franchise, when the point was, trying to revitalize the franchise.

Only 5 seasons too late too.

They are not even "seasons" like we knew. Less than half of what all the network series had to produce and maintain viewership in a season, and it didn't have to be part of a streaming package to keep afloat. Even "Enterprise" which is probably the least popular survived four years under much harsher conditions. I bet any Nu Trek would not have lasted a single season in the same network/ratings environment.
Meh, I'm midway through season 4 and I still enjoy it. I hope whatever sendoff they do will keep the forward momentum and not catapult the crew back into their original timeline.
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