Star Destroyer Devastator - ANH Style Replica


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Finally got this Beautify STAR DESTROYER done. Most of it reflects how the model looked when they filmed it in 1976, particularly the left side. I wanted to stay true to that original filming model, but leaving the right side blank just made it look unfinished. So, I chose to add in the parts that currently exist only on the right side as it is today, with the guns added for 'balance' as well. The right side of the bridge wall remains empty of details like the original.
It has been quite a journey, and glad to have finally finished it. A LOT of people to thank for helping me along this nearly 3 year off/on again project. Big THANKS for the help and inspirations from Craig Underwood, Jason Eaton, Quincy Cutshaw, Gene Kozicki, Rob McFarlane, Mike Salzo, Ryan Comer, John Sabean, Ed Minto, and Bryan Babich. Though a lot of work and effort went on to scratch build a lot of the super structure, bridge and parts, a big thanks to Charles Adams, Steve Neisen and Jay Boden for their help making the core structure and castings available to me. Without all these folks there is no way I could have achieved another nearly accurate filming miniature replica.
I'll put the pics in on a few posts.



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And lastly for now, a few closeups of the panel lines and the room display. All the panel lines were drawn in with a .02mm pencil. There was originally laser etching, but it was all way too shallow to show up. Many of them disappeared under the paint, so it took a few days to recreate or trace over lines to get them all in place.

side panels 4.jpg
side panels.jpg
side panels2.jpg
side panels3.jpg
top front.jpg
rear room.jpg
sd fal 3.jpg


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I'm thinking I'm gonna have to reply later Sean, my jaw is still on the floor & drooling over this!. Unbelievable...


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Jaw-dropping Sean! Absolutely stunning! The photos are great but I’m sure the in-person impact is incredible.

Love the Tatooine background. :)

Your work is so inspirational!



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Thats just insane. 2 amazing models....NEXT!!!!

Also, guessing that everything is the same exact size of the SS. I always read that this model was 3 feet, or around that. Wondering what the actual measurements are, in inches.
As well as the the back from side to side. like this.
Mainly because I built one that I started when I was in 7th grade with only a magazine picture and pausing the VHS tapes. Mine ended up being WAY too short compared to the back width. 23 long and 19 inches wide.
So wondering what the real width was of the ILM model.


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