Star Destroyer Devastator - ANH Style Replica


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Thought it was time to introduce the latest project. Been tinkering on it a while, but at a point where I've had a few folks asking about it. My intent was to make this as close as possible to recreating the original filming model as it looked back in '77 rather than how it looks today, quite heavily changed since it's original look. I haven't completely decided on how I'll tackle the Starboard side - to be 'true', I'd have to leave all the superstructure on that side 'blank', and put a hole/pipe through it. A buddy suggested just replicating as close as possible the details on the port side to the SB, rather than putting in the chunky details there today. So I'll get back to that later. In the meantime, here's some pics of the progress. I've recreated the 'X' antenna array as close as I think one can get to the original configuration thanks to the help of some great friends! I also restored all the level of detail on the 3x Cannons and the 'special' bigger cannon. The superstructure has a myriad of parts that have since been removed and/or moved to the SB side. I really like these plant-ons they originally did, it just seems to bring more detail to the model. I've also been working hard recreating the hull 'trench lips', making a few custom mods on the details, but also placing almost all the original small greeblies all along the way.
So all that said - here's some pics...

Added all the little styrene strips/chips - I'll be making a V2 as this one needed to be shaved down a bit.


With Primer on base, and detail parts added.

All painted up

One of the 3 guns for port side

The bigger 'special cannon'


Cannons mocked up


Test fitting



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Another beautiful model in the works - love it Sean!

I hope folks really appreciate the work on that antenna array. That's a big deal to research the details needed to get that back to the way it was during production filming!

It's going to fun watching the progress on this one - thanks for sharing...



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At first I was all like 'ok pal....give us some progress shots'. And then you did! Keep it coming! Solid work dude!!!

BTW, your workspace rocks.

Studio Kitbash

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Sean - Wow, It's GREAT.

Great to see your build of it. Great to see ALL the details that went into the original - makes me appreciate the model all the more to see it in unpainted mode, and able to separate out with the eye where one greeblie ends and another begins. Great to see how Each and Every model kit got Used to the Fullest by ILM, down to using what seems like almost "every last piece" -- even the display stands to hold up some of the ship models. This build is teaching me so much about the limited budget, design philosophy, and "stone soup" approach to building all the props in the original warehouse on Van Nuys boulevard. Each model basically comprises a venn diagram of the kit parts used to make up every other model, so you realize that if you have the kits to make the Millennium Falcon, you pretty much have all the kits to also make the Star Destroyer, Y-Wing, X-Wing, TIE Fighter, Sandcrawler, Escape Pod, etc. I especially love seeing which kits and which parts, and which subassemblies get used over and over, or recycled from one placement and use into another -- fascinating archeology. Great to see such a careful, detailed, faithful reproduction. It's painfully, embarrassingly, wonderfully, totally GREAT.

Thanks for sharing your build, and for such high detailed, clear, excellent photographs -- your skill sets are all impressive.


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This is looking fantastic! Probably the best replica built so far. Just the Tractor Emitter by itself is simply amazing! :D


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You are a machine Sean, literally I mean how you pump these masterpieces out with the accuracy & build quality is beyond me.
A real treat to see this coming along, the tractor emitter & guns are little gems in themselves.
Stunning mate just stunning!


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Is that black acrylic sheet? used for the main hull?
looks nice!
ANH is definitely my favorite version of the SD, I like the proportions and angles of the sof the main hull better!


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:love: Like Darth Vader would say....Impressive, most impressive!!

How long will it measure once finished?

I want to build some of these too. But first I have to finish everything I'm doing :sleep:

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