SS Raider - Done


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At 17" in wingspan this baby is big. Lots of fun to build..but lots of work too. Anyways...I wanted to share her with you all. Hope you like. This one is a commission for a very very very patient buyer. It took far to long to finish ...but I hope he, and you like the results.

Cheers and Happy new year.

I'd hoped for a better day to take some pictures outside..but no such luck, so these are a bit dark...(my indoor lighting is terrible...I need to buy some lights. )

awesome. Seeing great kits built up like this make me 'almost' wanna get one...almost...I have the modelling skillz of a thumbless 2 year old...
Awesome work. The lights add a nice touch to the whole model. I'm sure the buyer will be quite pleased. Good job.

Jesse, that is AWESOME... I have one of these kits I got from you, and after seeing these pics, I'm dying to get to it... :thumbsup
Beautiful kit and a wonderful build, great job.

Every time I see one of these built I want one more. Are these kits still available or are they another opportunity missed?
Originally posted by BlindSquirrel@Jan 3 2006, 12:38 AM
why does it take 3 robots to fly this ship? :lol

Two to fly it, and one to sit in the back and give the orders. :lol

"Sir I... really think you... should look at the other Battlestar..." :D

- k
What did you use for the base color, Jesse? I used Gunship Grey on my old Monogram model, but having recently re-watched the series for the first time in years, my model seems too dark. I've got one of your kits on order, and I'd like to use a more accurate paint color.

I've always interpreted the Raider as being darker than the Viper, is that in fact correct?
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