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I don’t know if anyone makes puppets from this website, but if you’re looking for reference to a Worm Guy from the Men In Black series I have a screen used split worm guy from MIB2. I bought this puppet from the Rick Baker Auction 5 years ago!

This split worm guy would’ve been seen near the end of the movie where the worms were attacked by Serleena’s gang.

The skin is painted in various shades of tan and brown to match the other puppets created for the characters. Both pieces features a coil of wiring to control different movements. The puppet is missing skin in several areas, most notably around the right hand of the torso puppet. Areas under the right eye, hands, and legs also show signs of wear. Dimensions: 23” x 14” x 5” (58 cm x 36 cm x 13 cm)

I actually kinda love that the right arm skin is missing, just because I like seeing what they used to move the puppet for the movie!

Feel free to ask questions or more photos about the Puppet!


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