screen used

  1. Nanotyrannus

    Split Worm Guy Puppet MIB2

    I don’t know if anyone makes puppets from this website, but if you’re looking for reference to a Worm Guy from the Men In Black series I have a screen used split worm guy from MIB2. I bought this puppet from the Rick Baker Auction 5 years ago! This split worm guy would’ve been seen near the end...
  2. Nanotyrannus

    Aztec gold curse medallion

    Here is a screen used cursed medallion from Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. This medallion was used as a stunt prop for action scenes or when actors are tossing or dropping the prop. The medallion did not come with a chain when I had it so I bought a Master Replica...
  3. Nanotyrannus

    Screen used Plutonium from Back to the Future

    I have one of the original screen used Plutonium Canister used in the beloved film Back to the Future. I bought this from the 2015 Prop Store auction 4 years ago. I’m sure many Back to the Future fans from this site have already seen this on the Prop Store website. But I wanted to post this...
  4. tye williams

    Raising Hope Screen used Jimmy Chance shirt and pants COA

    Screen used wardrobe from Lucas Neff who played Jimmy in Rasing Hope. Can be seen in multiple episodes. Comes with studio COA
  5. C

    The Last Samurai Stunt Sword Katana Set w/ COA

    The Last Samurai prop sword set from production. These come with a COA from Screen Used. These are stunt swords made of foam/rubber, not metal. Asking $450 shipped.
  6. iamshazam

    Captain Marvel Starforce Screen Worn Costume Pics (Vers, Yon-Rogg, Korath)

    PIC HEAVY After the premier last night my buddy wanted to stop at the Disney store and we are glad we did, they had 3 screen worn costumes from the movie on display. So I figured I would take some shots for any that are considering building any of these suits, enjoy... If you do decide to...